John Philip Kearney - Artist - Contemporary abstract art
Corporate Commissions 
As a Architect I have a well developed sense of scale & space.
I use these senses to paint large scale works for the Corporate world. 
My Corporate work typically consist of large scale abstract works hanging in Reception areas, Boardrooms & Office suites of CEO's.
Unveiling by Professor Bourke
View inside the MBA Theatre
View of the notice board
Initial sketch design
  View of the final composition
Case Study
Michael Smurfit MBA '03
The painting was commissioned by the Smurfit MBA Class of 2003 who wished to commemorate their academic year with a work of Art.
I entered into a dialogue with the students who wished to relate to me stories or insights from their time spent on the MBA programme.
The resultant piece is thus informed by & inspired from this process as well as my own MBA experiences from 2000.
The piece is principally inspired by the new MBA Lecture theatres & by the random chaotic nature of the student notice boards outside the lecture hall.
The contrast between these two spaces & their associated meanings generated the final composition.
The completed canvas measures
4 x 3 ft , sits on an array of blue acrylic colours inspired by the fabric coverings of the lecture theatre chairs.
I named the piece "The Altar"
as a title worthy of the personal, financial & emotional  sarifices MBA students make in order to complete their studies in anticipation of a more fulfilling future life.
I greatly enjoyed undertaking this commission & wish to thank the Class of 2003 & faculty for their vision & co-operation.
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